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CB1, CB2, CB3 & CB4 Chemistry Bases

** Discontinued Product **

Chemistry Base


Chemistry modules are single or multi-channel and can accept up to 3 heating baths and a UV digestor. Manifolds are interchangeable and cooling fans are fitted for 37°C baths when high temp baths are adjacent. Spillage and overflow drains avoid seepage of liquids to electrical controls. A see-through protective cover prevents damage to manifold glassware.


  • 1 - 4 channels of chemistry
  • Programmable electronic controlled thermostatted heating coils with fast, variable temperature control & dry heating baths (no oil or water baths).
  • Auto alarm indicators for over-temperature and cut-out.
  • Removable platen for easy access to heating coils. All leaks run to waste.
  • Adjustable air injectors - air bubbles are optimimised to give lower base-line noise than older systems. No solenoid or air compressor required.
  • Glassware internal diameter 1.6mm.
  • Optional auto-wash valve - switches to wash automatically at end of analysis.
  • Optional dual range manifolds.
  • Optional range changing valves for dual range manifolds.

Product Details

A variety of chemistry manifold types and combinations are offered. 1 to 4 channel chemistry bases accommodate high performance UV digestion, high and low temperature dry heating baths, distillation heads, Anidet components and cadmium columns. All controls are housed and conveniently positioned away from liquids at the front of the case. A see through cover allows the operator to view the temperatures and indicator lamps. Each base has a fixed number of acrylic manifold platens which have safety spillage galleries that couple to a common waste manifold. Any overflow or leakage of liquid materials passes out through the rear of the unit. An acrylic cover is supplied with each base to protect the glassware.

On-board Distillation

Compactness has always been an important feature for the SFA 2000 chemistry manifolds and systems generally, so assembling suitable distillation components to mount directly on to the SFA 2000 chemistry base is a natural progression.

The distillation head operates at temperatures up to 165° C controlled to +/-0.1° C. A stable temperature is reached within 5 minutes of start-up. The dry bath heater uses a standard glass coil (approximately 6ml volume) with a pre-set digital temperature control adjustable from 37° C. The manifold components are situated close to the distillation head. This creates operating convenience and considerable saving of space.

The unit avoids the use of "bulky" oil baths and lengthy glass connections associated with other analysers. When fitted to the 4-channel chemistry base the interconnection, for example, to a cyanide chemistry on an adjacent platen is simple.

As the distillation requires an air purge a mounted air regulator and precision flow meter are offered as standard equipment. The distillation water jacket is connected to a low flow water pump for cooling. Any spillage from the system flows along the deck gallery to a waste outlet at the rear of the unit.

An acrylic safety cover is supplied with each assembly. The distillation head can easily be removed from the mounting stem by slackening a single plastic knob on the universal clamp. The heating bath is accessed by lifting the manifold platen.

On-site installation and training in the use of the system are available. For details on flow injection systems, continuous flow analysers, data handling systems and specialised process control equipment please contact Burkard Scientific.


Model type


CB2, CB3, CB4

Number of channels


2, 3, 4

Overall size (mm)

330 x 200 x 245

330 x 500 x 245

Case Net weight (Kg)



Supply voltage

110/240V, 50/60Hz

Bath type

Dry electronic control heating element

Temperature variation +/-0.1° C
Glassware internal diameter 1.6mm
The company reserves the right to change specification without notice.






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